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Sunset at the top of the hill

Tonight when I arrived at the top of the hill, I found myself being alone sitting on the grass. I arrived a bit early I must admit, there were still faint orange rays of light piercing through the treetops from the last bits of a sunset already forgotten. The wind was gently blowing in my hair, bringing up the sweet scent of autumn to my nostrils. I took a big breath in but it ended up being a sigh when it came out.

“Why are you sighing? Did you miss me that much?” a familiar voice said behind me, followed by a cute giggle. I turned around and saw her in a seasonal red coat and a fitting scarf that covered her mouth in a lazy but delicate way. I didn’t answer her question with words, simply sending back a smile.

“Are you afraid of getting cold?” I asked jokingly. She didn’t seem quite irritated but she looked away for a moment. She was looking at the sky as her hair received the same treatment as mine from the wind. I thought it was more graceful and spectacular when blown into long and silky hair though.

“Aren’t you going to sit?” I asked her since nothing was happening. Not because I disliked silence or the smooth sound of rattling leaves in the trees but because I was afraid she would begin a conversation while standing and I, comfortably sitting in the grass, would feel awkwardness towards this situation.

“No”, she replied, “It’s going to rain, I saw it”. If she saw it, that was no mistake. I looked up to the sky to find clouds, to no avail. People considered her a prophet, in my opinion she could just have some good intuition or ridiculous amounts of luck but since I’m a human, I tend to believe what I’m being told, even the inexplicable.

This “myth” started a few years ago, we were still young and clueless. We’re still clueless but that’s not what I’m trying to say. My father is a fisherman, he leaves the shore every week or so for a few days and then comes back with food for a handful of people living near us. He never asked anything in return and would refuse any kind of payment. One night, there was a thunderstorm raging outside, the wind was blowing so hard that walls were shaking. Obviously, she was afraid of thunder so she didn’t sleep at all during this night. In the morning, she woke up my father early and she told him not to go on the sea today. He told her that the storm was over and it was safe but she insisted that another one was coming and he had to stay home, he didn’t want to be mean to her but he kind of had to go. As he wasn’t replying, she started to cry, repeating the same words over and over again. In the end he decided to stay home but his fishing pals went anyways. This very night, all of sky’s contents fell down on earth. Two weeks later, they were still missing from the coast and it’s only one month after that somebody found the floating body of one of those men ashore.

Since then, she has been able to predict major events that were taking place around us, not only related to weather but I think she saved a few lives with this “power” of hers. That’s not something I can boast about, the only life I saved is some mice that was going to get eaten by a snake, I just scared the snake away and the mouse fled too. I wonder what kind of feeling you get when you actually save someone’s life. I guess you’re happy for the person to be still alive and able to see the life’s wonders. I guess it’s also heart-warming to get thanked honestly, it doesn’t happen anymore recently with all this selfishness around the corner, at least there are still a few heroes in this world.

“What are you doing?” she asked me while being surprised by a stealthy drop of water on her nose. “It already started raining, stop spacing out!” I jumped on my feet and followed her as she turned around and leaped down the hill like a little rabbit. I guess our discussions can wait for later, we still have a long way to go, what if we ever run out of topics? It probably won’t happen but if it ever does, we’ll have one more night alone with the stars, talking about everything that would come to mind.

And as I was going down the hill I turned my head around to see big rain clouds, I’m not sure why I didn’t notice them at first but they were aggressively coming at us. I wanted to at least give her a hug before going part ways, but when my head went back to it’s original position, she was already gone.



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A dark maze

I had the most scary and wierd nightmare a while ago. I’m still confused how everything happened but I was some kind of mad man, who was running through a dark hallway. I was running really fast, like an enraged beast or a demon. My vision was blurred so I couldn’t see clearly what was in front of me. Something was really wrong about me since as I was rushing through the corridors of this dark maze, I would try to eat everything I could pick up. Any object that could lie on the floor or in my way, would end up in my mouth, being chewed ragingly, feeding my madness. I couldn’t stop running even if I tried but when I turned at junctions, I could clearly see that three entities were following me, I think they were some kind of ghosts.

I’ve never been really scared of ghosts but those were probably something bigger than what I expected since they were without a doubt the reason I was running away so fast. Their faces were destroyed by hatred and their mouths were moving of themselves like constant tides, chanting some dark requiem. No matter where I went, they always seemed to catch up to me as I was munching on various items that I would collect. At one point during my dream, I’ve ended up being cornered by those ghosts, I thought I was going to die horribly by them but then, I found another item to eat on the ground. I think that it was special… or magical, even maybe cursed because when I ate it, not only my madness was fed but I suddently had a thirst for something I never had before.

I think I turned into something really scary because even the ghosts seemed afraid of me. I started to run even faster than before but this time I was the one chasing the ghosts and when I would catch up to one, I would leap recklessly on them and devour them entierly. I was so mad that even when I ate all the ghosts I proceeded to eat things lying around. But then I was done eating everything, there wasn’t anything left on the floor and I was all alone in the dark hallway, everything was dead silent. I commited suicide by tearing out my guts out of my body.

I woke up all sweaty and I immediately checked if my belly was still intact. At my relief, I was still alive and only dreaming but this nightmare had a big impact on the next weeks I had to go through.

I made a game about it, you might have played it already, I called it “PacMan”.

Eternal Rest

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Ricordando il PassatoTo the day I’ll rest in peace
Buried by the pressure of the silence’s serenity
But, always pleading to obtain that agony, that well-being

To the night I’ll rest in peace
Leaving behind no memories
Forgotten by everyone that I’ve met

To the moment where I’ll rest in peace
I’ll forever find
The eternal rest that was so desired…

Beyond the stars

"I wonder how far they are"

It was one of those nights where I was lying in the grass at her side. The ground itself was still a bit wet from the afternoon’s rain so we brought one blanket each keep moist away as we stared into the dimly lit sky. Those nights were usually pretty quiet at the start since we believed it was a bit disrespectful for the stars to begin talking about life and philosophy while they were still asleep. Under those circumstances I would occasionally take the time to think about useless things and make peace with my mind. As the first stars began to shine in the darkness she spoke.

“I wonder how far they are”, she said with a melancolic tone.

I wasn’t certain of what she was talking about but I still asked in a semi-certain voice “The stars?”.

She didn’t reply yet, bit I still got a confirmation when she raised her hand to the sky, trying to grab something. “When I was younger”, she said, “my parents would call me their ‘little star’, but as far as I know stars are probably a few more times larger than the planet we live on!”.

I was a bit surprised at this statement for a topic starter tonight, we usually had easier conversations to warm up our brains, but she seemed pretty confident and serious about this so I decided to let her continue, giving an approbative silence.

“I learnt today that stars are the biggest things in the whole universe! How awesome is this? One amazing thing is that thew somehow all fit in our sky. Another amazing but sad thing is that not much people care about stars these days. This is what I don’t get.”

I was still confused about where she was leading this monologue but I still kept quiet, I wouldn’t really know what to say anyway and she looked like she had a pretty good starting idea, well maybe it was only an illusion but I felt she had some strong feelings about this. She still paused, as if she waited for me to say something to give her a chance to sort her thoughts but when I finally decided to open my mouth to talk she proceeded her one-sided conversation.

“Everyone tells me that the big things are the most important in my life, that I should be thinking forward to them, like getting married, having children, school, work. I get it that those are big chunks of my life but if the big things are the most important, why are we ignoring the stars? What’s the impact of a town girl not getting married early versus two stars colliding with each other, creating some kind of new world and maybe even life?”

This felt hard for me as I was taking my time to choose every word before saying it, not to get misunderstood and derail the conversation somewhere we both didn’t want to go. Still gazing at the constellations, I answered her on a (I think) convincing voice.

“Even if everyone wants to focus on the big things, we all tend to care more about the little things. It’s like trying to find a little bit of happiness in everything so in the end you’re happy whatsoever the result you get, right? If you work twenty years without ever smiling once, there isn’t any end to this that will justify the sadness you would have been through, do you understand?”

I asked her a question, but I kind of already knew the answer so I kept on talking before she could even try to say something.

“Big things like stars are too far from us, too gigantic to grasp like it’s nothing. Sure they look really tiny from here, this hill that has been host of many discussions about life in the past and probably for the future too, but even if you try and reach out your hand to them, you won’t catch them like that, it’s not the way it works, you don’t have to stretch your arm every night in hope that someday your arm will be long enough. I believe it’s how life works and people who care too much for things they can’t even get a glance of yet are fools who cannot appreciate enough the present time and are eager to be something they aren’t. That’s how I see the whole thing, I prefer getting every feeling and memory from the present and enjoy it than wait for later, like those nights spent with you under the stars, talking about useless stuff. That’s how life should be.”

I finally turned my head at her to see her reaction, I was expecting either a confused face or a boggled mind. At the opposite, she rolled herself in her blanket up her nose and was looking directly into my eyes with hers being wide opened. I felt a bit uneasy and shy about this turn of events. I wasn’t the only one.

“W-why are you blushing?”

A new blogger at your service.

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Hello everyone, Desfel here.


From now on, I shall be posting here alongside Yanenrogne in his blog.

To start off, some info small info about me, so you guys can get to know me better. First of, I really love music, be it listening to them or playing instruments. I play the guitar and the piano for the curious ones. I also like to draw, mostly digital arts, although I used to draw on paper a lot back in the days. I should also say that I love to write, only when I have the time to haha.

I also enjoy playing video games of course, mostly JRPGs. Ar tonelico is undoubtedly my all time favorite series. I also like to read mangas and watch animes. That’s probably it about me for now. I’ll reveal more about me as I’ll be posting!

My  blog posts shall mostly consist of my musical covers, artworks and Visual Novel reviews. Looking forward to having more readers and followers!

I’ll end this blog post with one of my favorite songs~

CatherineSo I just finished an awesome puzzle game named Catherine, made by Atlus on the PS3 (available too for xbox360)
A good load of pictures incoming! (not really but more than I usually do!)
By the way “Kyasurin” is the japanese pronounciation of “Catherine”

You play as the protagonist, Vincent Brooks, who finds himself facing his girlfriend named Katherine who pressures him to get married. This is actually a big decision to take for Vincent, he never really thought before about his future and I think he doesn’t really want to. After all getting married is a step not many of us are ready to take too early and more and more people are starting to question the advantages of getting married. With all this confusion, Vincent can’t just come to a conclusion right now and tells Katherine he has to think about it, Katherine reminds him that they’re been dating for five years now and even her parents are starting to talk about this whole marriage thing. After closing the discussion with his girlfriend, Vincent thinks it over at the bar with his friends while drinking some cocktail when a young and attractive girl arrives and decides to sit right next to Vincent.

Meet her at the barToo bad for anyone who would care but she’s quite Vincent’s type (and mine too, while we’re at it) with her drill-like hair and her flirty looks almost makes you uneasy to look her in the eyes. She also, for some obscure reason, wears a pretty provocative dress, borderline lingerie while being at the bar, she was probably just here to get a drink, no intentions to flirt around or anything. Anyways, Vincent gets easily drawn into her deep blue eyes and gets charmed by her angelic voice, Catherine is a professional fisherman.

Catherine in your bedNext thing you know, when you wake up she’s naked under your blankets in your bed, sharing your pillow. This is bad and you know it. What’re you gonna do, you cheated on your girlfriend who’s asking you for marriage with a beautiful and gorgeous girl and the worst part is you don’t remember anything about it (I mean…. if you’re gonna do things with another girl, you should at least remember it, you can’t even say “it doesn’t count as cheating since I don’t remember doing it”, so it’s a lose-lose situation). As the days go by, you keep meeting Catherine at the bar and having strange nightmares at night.

The game is designed as a “dating simulator” during the day, while you speak to others and make decisions, the plot bends to what you do and a little “meter” tells you how you’re doing (a bit like in Fable, either you’re “lawful” or “evil”, this time you’re going for the “red” or the “blue”, making stuff with Catherine goes towards the red while empathizing with Katherine makes you go to the blue).

During the night, the game becomes a puzzle game where you have to climb at giant tower made of blocks of different types, you have to push and pull them in order to climb them. It’s a bit confusing at the start but as you climb, you start to meet other people but they’re all sheeps. They talk your language though, they all seem as lost as you in this and further on you can notice that people you meet in your nightmares are people from the real world too that all have a connection with you. At the end of each night you have to encounter the “boss” of the stage, that is actually an horrific mashup of someone you know with the feelings that the character has for it, creating all kinds of monsters that chase you with demon-like abilities (some are really annoying too!). The master of the place tells you that there are 8 floors to this block structure, and due to the fact that you climb one floor per night you can guess that the game will have about 8 days and 8 nights.

I really liked the story but since I’ve decided to play of the “hard” difficulty on my first playthrough (I do this all the time, it’s a bit like a religion for me, I’m a masochist… I guess) I spent more time doing the puzzles than actually following the story, a lot of reloads and life-farming were included. The puzzles were actually really challenging on hard mode and I liked this part (almost gave up one time, on the last levels but still did everything on hard *proud proud*). I somehow found myself really involved in the plot, making all sort of comments on the characters to my friend that was watching me go through that crazy spiral of feelings and mind-boggling experience (thank you for your support Mr.32) and I must say that I was really happy when I got the ending I wanted!

I don’t want to spoil anybody that haven’t played yet or didn’t get this ending but I found myself getting the “Catherine True Ending”(a.k.a. Master of the Underworld), Youtube it if you’re curious but that was one hilarious and awesome ending, I bet I wouldn’t have gotten such a good ending if I went on another route so I’m pretty much satisfied.

I recommend this game to anyone who likes to challenge their mind, emotionally or to solve puzzles, this game is really great.
So did you play this game? What did you think of it? What ending did you get?
If not, do you plan on trying it? Not your type of game? It’s fine, there wouldn’t be so many different types of game if everyone liked the same things!

Oh by the way!! The music in this game is really good too, the OST CD came with the game so I can listen to it! Here’s one of my favorites!


Edit : Typos… again!

Recurring nightmares made me hate my bed
Before I knew it I was writing songs
Melodies to broken hearts
Memories to forsaken dreams

My hand, my pen, weapons of grace
Stabbing paper with rhymes
Why did I even bother
To make feel good who made me feel bad

So many unread lines
For eyes that cannot see light
I’m spitting out the worst of me
To make something good out of it

Even in the brightest dreams
The darkness overcame my soul
The cold spirit of the winter
The mask that I wear every day

I wrote something else last night
My mind wandered into the living matter
I’m just saying I’m not coming back
Here, where I belong… no more

So many unread lines
For eyes that cannot see light
I’m spitting out the worst of me
To make something good out of it

What happened to that man
Who wrote so many love songs
For people who did not care
Where has he been
Where is he gone
Now that’s too late to find heaven
We’ll just try to keep us out of hell