Posted: October 4, 2011 by yanenrogne in Litterature
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A dark maze

I had the most scary and wierd nightmare a while ago. I’m still confused how everything happened but I was some kind of mad man, who was running through a dark hallway. I was running really fast, like an enraged beast or a demon. My vision was blurred so I couldn’t see clearly what was in front of me. Something was really wrong about me since as I was rushing through the corridors of this dark maze, I would try to eat everything I could pick up. Any object that could lie on the floor or in my way, would end up in my mouth, being chewed ragingly, feeding my madness. I couldn’t stop running even if I tried but when I turned at junctions, I could clearly see that three entities were following me, I think they were some kind of ghosts.

I’ve never been really scared of ghosts but those were probably something bigger than what I expected since they were without a doubt the reason I was running away so fast. Their faces were destroyed by hatred and their mouths were moving of themselves like constant tides, chanting some dark requiem. No matter where I went, they always seemed to catch up to me as I was munching on various items that I would collect. At one point during my dream, I’ve ended up being cornered by those ghosts, I thought I was going to die horribly by them but then, I found another item to eat on the ground. I think that it was special… or magical, even maybe cursed because when I ate it, not only my madness was fed but I suddently had a thirst for something I never had before.

I think I turned into something really scary because even the ghosts seemed afraid of me. I started to run even faster than before but this time I was the one chasing the ghosts and when I would catch up to one, I would leap recklessly on them and devour them entierly. I was so mad that even when I ate all the ghosts I proceeded to eat things lying around. But then I was done eating everything, there wasn’t anything left on the floor and I was all alone in the dark hallway, everything was dead silent. I commited suicide by tearing out my guts out of my body.

I woke up all sweaty and I immediately checked if my belly was still intact. At my relief, I was still alive and only dreaming but this nightmare had a big impact on the next weeks I had to go through.

I made a game about it, you might have played it already, I called it “PacMan”.

  1. Indigo Spider says:

    Very funny, love the twist ending! I remember playing PacMan as a teenager, drove me crazy, trying to win the game before being caught by those ghosts. This was told so well, like you really were just telling a story about a nightmare you had, so the end really was perfect. But, knowing the end, I can clearly see that yes, it is PacMan you are describing!

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