It will rain for a thousand years

Posted: October 4, 2011 by yanenrogne in Litterature, Tales from the top of the hill
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Sunset at the top of the hill

Tonight when I arrived at the top of the hill, I found myself being alone sitting on the grass. I arrived a bit early I must admit, there were still faint orange rays of light piercing through the treetops from the last bits of a sunset already forgotten. The wind was gently blowing in my hair, bringing up the sweet scent of autumn to my nostrils. I took a big breath in but it ended up being a sigh when it came out.

“Why are you sighing? Did you miss me that much?” a familiar voice said behind me, followed by a cute giggle. I turned around and saw her in a seasonal red coat and a fitting scarf that covered her mouth in a lazy but delicate way. I didn’t answer her question with words, simply sending back a smile.

“Are you afraid of getting cold?” I asked jokingly. She didn’t seem quite irritated but she looked away for a moment. She was looking at the sky as her hair received the same treatment as mine from the wind. I thought it was more graceful and spectacular when blown into long and silky hair though.

“Aren’t you going to sit?” I asked her since nothing was happening. Not because I disliked silence or the smooth sound of rattling leaves in the trees but because I was afraid she would begin a conversation while standing and I, comfortably sitting in the grass, would feel awkwardness towards this situation.

“No”, she replied, “It’s going to rain, I saw it”. If she saw it, that was no mistake. I looked up to the sky to find clouds, to no avail. People considered her a prophet, in my opinion she could just have some good intuition or ridiculous amounts of luck but since I’m a human, I tend to believe what I’m being told, even the inexplicable.

This “myth” started a few years ago, we were still young and clueless. We’re still clueless but that’s not what I’m trying to say. My father is a fisherman, he leaves the shore every week or so for a few days and then comes back with food for a handful of people living near us. He never asked anything in return and would refuse any kind of payment. One night, there was a thunderstorm raging outside, the wind was blowing so hard that walls were shaking. Obviously, she was afraid of thunder so she didn’t sleep at all during this night. In the morning, she woke up my father early and she told him not to go on the sea today. He told her that the storm was over and it was safe but she insisted that another one was coming and he had to stay home, he didn’t want to be mean to her but he kind of had to go. As he wasn’t replying, she started to cry, repeating the same words over and over again. In the end he decided to stay home but his fishing pals went anyways. This very night, all of sky’s contents fell down on earth. Two weeks later, they were still missing from the coast and it’s only one month after that somebody found the floating body of one of those men ashore.

Since then, she has been able to predict major events that were taking place around us, not only related to weather but I think she saved a few lives with this “power” of hers. That’s not something I can boast about, the only life I saved is some mice that was going to get eaten by a snake, I just scared the snake away and the mouse fled too. I wonder what kind of feeling you get when you actually save someone’s life. I guess you’re happy for the person to be still alive and able to see the life’s wonders. I guess it’s also heart-warming to get thanked honestly, it doesn’t happen anymore recently with all this selfishness around the corner, at least there are still a few heroes in this world.

“What are you doing?” she asked me while being surprised by a stealthy drop of water on her nose. “It already started raining, stop spacing out!” I jumped on my feet and followed her as she turned around and leaped down the hill like a little rabbit. I guess our discussions can wait for later, we still have a long way to go, what if we ever run out of topics? It probably won’t happen but if it ever does, we’ll have one more night alone with the stars, talking about everything that would come to mind.

And as I was going down the hill I turned my head around to see big rain clouds, I’m not sure why I didn’t notice them at first but they were aggressively coming at us. I wanted to at least give her a hug before going part ways, but when my head went back to it’s original position, she was already gone.

  1. Nice story. It has a bit of everything in it. Is it part of a longer piece?

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