Solo Wolfpack

Posted: October 1, 2011 by yanenrogne in Litterature
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A wolfBackground music

Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived with wolves. He would go hunt with them and learnt to kill without remorse to get food down his belly. Many villagers caught glance of him and thought he was a monster and everyone who would enter the forest was afraid to get attacked by the wolf-guy. This boy was still young but even adults would have shaking knees at the simple thought of his name. Everyone was despising him and they’ve put traps all around the village to make sure he wouldn’t attempt to raid it. One day, when he was older, he left the wolf pack to go check on the city, he probably wanted to make friends or simply meet the ones standing on two feet like him. When he arrived near the village, everything was aflame, children and women were crying, and between the cries he could hear the barbarian’s battle anthem. He rushed to the center of the village, spotting a few villagers running around with their clothes on fire, trying to survive by rolling on the ground. At the very center of the village, some bad guys were throwing lit torches into houses while laughing, he picked up a spear and threw it with all his might to a raider. He assumed a wolf form and ran so fast that he actually leaped on another target before the spear he threw impaled his target’s heart and making him fall down, pinning him to the ground. He had no difficulty clawing through his foe’s chest with his bare hands, hardened from all the hunts he’s been through, this poor man was almost howling out of terror and pain as the wolf-like figure was browsing through his stomach’s contents. In fear, the other attackers watched the freak show but they couldn’t move, horrified by the vision of this inhuman creature, they haven’t even for one second thought of saving their comrade, it was unthinkable. When he was done with him, the wolf-guy raised his head towards the horrified mass and howled to the moon with all the might his vocal chords would let him. Still frozen in fear, the attackers could clearly hear the bloodthirsty wolves answering to his call in the immediate forest. Fearing the worst, they fled to the sea, where their ships were waiting for them to fall back. The wolf-guy watched the scene, looked around, everyone in the village was gone, the townsfolk were hiding too so he also left to the forest.

Weeks later, the people of this little village have worked together to rebuild it, heal the wounded and find new families for the orphans. The wolf-guy thought of coming back to the village one more time, not to get thanked but only to see if people would actually accept him as he was. As he walked the most normal and human-like way he could towards the village he thought that maybe people would be even more afraid of him since he did something really scary on that day, even if it was to save them. Lost in his thoughts he finally walked on one of those wolf/bear traps, his left leg got caught in the metallic jaw that was chewing on his tights. The boy yelled and howled and cried until the nightfall but nobody came to rescue him, some villagers found him dead at the entrance of the forest one week after, most of his limbs were injured or missing, no ceremony was given for this hellspawn.

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